Privacy Policy


We at the Law Offices of Paula S. Teske & Associates (“Teske Law Firm”) are sensitive to user concerns about Internet privacy. We do collect minimal information while visitors browse this website, but we take every reasonable measure we can to protect your privacy and to use the information we collect responsibly.

The terms put forth in this Privacy Policy pertain to user information collected anywhere on (“our Website”). This Privacy Policy does not include confidentiality terms for information protected by attorney-client privilege for persons/clients who retain us as their legal counsel. This Privacy Policy includes terms of conduct for this website only and under no circumstances should use of our Website be construed as creating any privileged attorney-client connection. Our past, present, and future clients enjoy the full protection of the law where confidentiality is concerned. The terms of our Website Privacy Policy should never be interpreted in any way as a replacement for, or as a means to redefine the terms of, an attorney-client privileged relationship.

What Information Might Be Collected From Your Device

Every device used to visit our Website passes statistical information from the device to our Website, which is standard among most websites in existence today. Some of this information (known as “metadata”) may include the date and time of browsing, the location of your device specifically at the time it visited our Website, your device’s hardware type and operating system, your browser software and version, the Internet Protocol (IP) address assigned to your device at the time it browsed our site, and the URL (Uniform Resource Locator – the address) of the site that redirected your device to our Website (i.e., Google, Bing, Yelp, Lawyers, Avvo, etc.).

How We Use Information Collected From Your Device

We reserve the right to use the information collected by our Website to refine our marketing strategies, to improve the contents and/or structure of our Website, and as a general guide in administering and improving our Website.

Information You Knowingly Provide to Us Through Our Website

Our Website includes several distinct blank fillable forms intended to facilitate means by which users can provide and submit sparse personal information, such as name and email address, to Teske Law Firm. You may choose not to fill out any of these forms while browsing our Website and therefore remain anonymous as you browse, with the exception of the automated “metadata” information passed through to our Website from your device, as described previously in this Privacy Policy.

Conversely, you may choose to use one or more of the blank forms provided in order to facilitate your intentional submission of personal information. Any and all information you provide to us will only be used by Teske Law Firm for the purpose indicated: to sign up for our email mailing list, to request a call back, to receive future editions of our newsletter, to be notified of future webinars, or for any other purpose Teske Law Firm might in the future identify as appropriate, should the purpose relate to the contents of our Website and/or to our practice of law.

Although we at Teske Law Firm do not at this time provide any of the information we collect on you or your devices to any third party, we reserve the right to provide the information we collect to tech vendors and/or service providers to use that information for our Firm’s benefit, not for the benefit of the third party. We will not provide any of your information to any third party for marketing purposes with the exception of information you have willingly provided, such as in webinar presentations or other events that may require third party involvement or sponsorship.

Links to Other Websites

Any hyperlink provided on our Website, or in any documentation downloaded or opened from our Website, that redirects users away from “” to a third party website (“linked Third Party Website”) is provided only as a convenience to you, intended as a possible source of additional information that could prove useful to you.

Information Provided By Sources Other Than Our Firm

Teske Law Firm cannot assume responsibility for the accuracy or timeliness of any of information found on any linked Third Party Website. At the time we include any link on our Website or in any document that originates in our Firm, we make every effort to confirm the accuracy and timeliness of the linked information. Nevertheless, you assume all responsibility for verifying the validity of any information found on a Third Party Website.

Additionally, the terms contained in this Privacy Policy are not applicable to any linked Third Party Website. As Teske Law Firm does not control the content of any linked Third Party Website, we cannot be held responsible for it. Similarly, because we do not read any of the privacy policies found on any linked Third Party Website, we do not make any claim as to what the terms of any of privacy policy are for any website other than our own. We are not affiliated with any linked Third Party Website, nor do we endorse any of the content or information found on any site other than our own. It is your responsibility to determine the accuracy or usefulness of any information or content found on any linked Third Party Website.

Measures Taken to Ensure Security of the Information We Collect

Our Website is not designed to collect or store any sensitive or highly confidential personal information. Our Website is designed to collect and store primarily contact information only. We do not collect nor do we store any financial, marital, custodial, educational, health, or any other sensitive or confidential information, and neither should you use our Website for the purpose of transmitting any such sensitive or confidential information to us.

Our Website is equipped with standard commercial software that by its widespread use is perceived as a reasonably safe means to collect, store, secure, and maintain your personal information.

We cannot, however, ensure that any of the protective measures we utilize in our diligent efforts to protect your personal information will always prove successful in safeguarding against any unauthorized access to the information we collect and store, nor can we control or prevent any potential breach of any of our Internet tech vendor sites that might house such information.

Inference of Consent

Any use of our Website infers agreement to these terms, regardless of whether the user has read this Privacy Policy. Submission and/or transmission of any personal information to Teske Law Firm through means made available on our Website indicates your consent for us to collect, retain, store, and use for our Firm’s business and marketing purposes any information you knowingly provide to us, as permitted by and in accordance with the law.