Our Pledge

We at the Law Offices of Paula S. Teske & Associates consider it an honor and a privilege to be chosen by you to facilitate your legal rights. We pledge to do everything in our power, for every client, in every matter, to be deserving of the trust you place in us. Your case is our cause.

We pledge to keep our clients informed.

We want you to understand your legal rights fully as they pertain to your situation. We will advise you every step of the way about your legal options and do our best to keep you informed of all activities affecting the progress of your case.

We pledge to provide our clients expert legal services with integrity.

We have earned and continue to uphold our reputation as a highly competent and respected Family Law firm. Our seasoned attorneys have a wide-range of expertise gained through decades of experience practicing Family Law. We are confident in our ability to consistently provide the highest caliber of Family Law services available anywhere in the nation. We will research the details of your case extensively and come prepared to represent you against any and all types of opposition – from the most amicable to the most adversarial. Our efforts often extend above and beyond the call of duty in our pursuit to obtain the best possible legal outcomes for our clients.

We pledge to empower clients with our Family Law expertise.

Our firm belongs to a unique classification status shared by fewer than 1% of law firms nationwide. We proudly offer multiple Certified Family Law Specialists (CFLS) on our team of legal professionals. This distinction signifies that our CFLS attorneys have attained exemplary professional status in the practice of Family Law. The CFLS certification attests to our attorneys’ extensive State Bar testing, expansive knowledge, and high level of competency.

We pledge to work efficiently and effectively for every client in every matter.

We work tirelessly to help our clients get their lives back on track as swiftly as possible. We strive to obtain the results our clients want and in a timely manner. At the onset, after discussing the details of your case extensively with you, we will gather any additional information we might need and carefully consider all possible legal options available before making recommendations. We will go over with you in depth every step of our case plan and legal strategy.

We pledge to make ourselves accessible to every client.

Our attorneys and professional staff are readily available during normal business hours. We will respond as promptly as possible to every client to discuss any and all questions and concerns. We make every effort to respond to client calls, emails, and other correspondences within 24 hours (one business day). It is not unusual for us to respond off-hours and when out of the office.

We pledge to provide individualized services of equal quality to every client.

We at the Law Offices of Paula S. Teske & Associates want to remain a small enough firm, so that we never lose that “personal touch.” We are selective in the cases we accept. We may decline new matter requests from existing clients as we deem practical towards keeping our case load manageable. Once we commit, we approach each client with equal attentiveness.

Please help us determine whether we are the right Firm for you. Contact us for a free initial consultation.