When you’re in love and decide to marry, you need to take many complex legal and financial issues into account. Consider asking the Law Offices of Paula S. Teske & Associates to review your legal responsibilities and options with you, especially if your financial situation is complex or if you already have children.

Some of the areas in which you may need expert legal services include:

Prenuptial Agreements in California

Before you say your “I do’s,” you and your fiancé may want to consider entering into a prenuptial agreement , a legal contract that specifies how your finances will be shared and what should happen to each party’s assets (and debts) if you later separate. Not every couple needs a prenuptial agreement, but some reasons to consider one include:

  • Having substantial personal assets or debts
  • Expecting to come into an inheritance
  • Having children from a prior marriage
  • Having a pre-existing Estate Plan
  • Owning or planning to start a business
  • Documenting verbally agreed upon financial arrangements

If at any time after you marry, you decide to draw up a financial agreement for reasons similar to the ones listed above, one of our qualified attorneys can draft a “postnuptial” agreement for you. This document discloses the assets and debts of each spouse and creates financial guidelines for various contingencies.

Getting Married If You Already Have Children From a Prior Relationship

Blended families can be joyful families. Understanding your responsibilities and rights will help facilitate a seamless transition. Consider how the marriage will affect your child support or any child custody arrangements. What role will your new spouse play? What if the other biological parent objects to the marriage or wants to renegotiate past custody arrangements? Our experienced California Family Law attorneys can help you strategically address these and similar concerns.

Same-Sex Marriage and Domestic Partnerships

For many years before the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same sex marriage across the nation in 2015, the Law Offices of Paula S. Teske & Associates helped LGBT couples in long-term relationships define their commitment to each other by drawing up Domestic Partnership documents.

If you and your partner were legally married in the State of California at any time, including in 2008 before Proposition 8 passed, you are still legally married. Same-sex marriages performed in one state are now recognized anywhere in the country.

If you and your partner are legally registered as Domestic Partners in the State of California, you may still want to consider marrying. Many federal laws, rights, and benefits that now apply to same-sex married couples do not extend to registered Domestic Partnerships.

If at any time in the past you registered a Domestic Partnership in the State of California, you can legally marry the same partner. However, if you wish to marry a different partner, you must first have the Domestic Partnership legally dissolved.

Our Certified Family Law Specialist attorneys can answer any questions you might have about Same-Sex Marriage, Domestic Partnerships, and the legal and financial differences that might affect your relationships. We’re sensitive to the needs of the LGBT community and are here to help.

California Certified Family Law Specialists in Your Corner

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