Family Law

Your family’s structure will change over the course of your lifetime, often simply because of common milestone events. You reach legal adulthood. You marry. You have children. You mortgage a home. Your grown child goes off to college. An elderly parent moves in with you. Your adult child marries. Your first grandchild is born. You move a parent to assisted living. You retire.

Whether a change in family dynamic is for the better or not, any event that affects family life can lead you to need a competent Family Law attorney. Before you marry, have children, purchase a home, start a college fund, relocate an elderly parent, plan your retirement, or pursue any major life change, consider consulting a qualified Family Law attorney.

Our primary mission at the Law Offices of Paula S. Teske is to help our clients get through difficult times as quickly as possible with as little aggravation as possible. We pride ourselves on being a family-oriented law firm that consistently delivers quality Family Law services.

As Certified Family Law Specialists, we keep abreast of continual updates to relevant case law. Our areas of practice include:

The Law Offices of Paula S. Teske has multiple, highly competent Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS) attorneys on staff who can provide solid legal counsel and expert litigation representation. Family Law often involves devising agreements and directives for changes related to financial disposition and familial responsibility.

Protect yourself and loved ones by having a veteran Family Law attorney draw up well-thought-out, well-drafted legal documents. Plan for future life events, such as marriage, child adoption, or prepare for what to do in the event of divorce. Have peace of mind that you and your loved one’s needs will be met.

We at the Law Offices of Paula S. Teske offer confidential family planning at its best. Please contact us for a free initial consultation.